Team Training

Are you a new or seasoned coach looking to get the most out of your team this year or in the years to come?  We are pleased to offer you Team Training opportunities customized to meet your specific needs for the pre-season, mid-season, or end-of-season. 

  • The price for a Tier 1 instructor is $95/hour (+HST).

  • The price for a Tier 2 instructor is $120/hour (+HST).


1) Team training sessions that use indoor facilities booked by Elite Athletes International (during those times that our multi-week sessions are offered) result in an additional hourly Field Allocation charge.  This Field Allocation charge will depend on the size of the field allocation.


  1. Once you have expressed interest in arranging some Team Training (contact us at, the KW Soccer Academy Director will discuss (by email, in-person at CORE, or by phone) with the coaching staff what are you are looking to accomplish.

  2. The KW Soccer Academy Director will design a custom team training program based on the discussions during the preliminary consultation with your team's coaching staff.
  3. You determine how many training sessions you want!
  4. You pick the location!

  5. You have the option to select the instructor (based on availability) with whom you would like to run the team training!

We take great pride and care to deliver the most professional and safe environment for all or our participants in all of our programs. We are fully insured with appropriate liability coverage for all involved.


1) How long is this program? It's entirely up to you... you determing how many sessions you want!

2) When is it offered? Any time throughout the year.