Refund Policy

As part of the registration process for our programs, you will be required to accept the disclaimer below:

Please read the disclaimer below. By submitting your registration, you agree to the terms of the disclaimer.

1) I/we, the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the minor listed above, desire to enroll that minor in a sport program. In exchange for the opportunity to participate in Elite Athletes International Corporation programs, educational, and social activities, I/we agree not to bring any legal action against EAI, employees, instructors or their successors and assigns for all loss, damage or injury that I/we and/or the minor listed above may experience in connection with activities or involvement in EAI programs or services.

2) I/we understand that the minor's use of the facilities and services, participation in a sport program, and/or related activities, involves dangerous conditions and risks of bodily injury and risks to property (stolen or damaged equipment, for example). I/we also understand that certain sport, educational, and social activities can involve travel and that all travel involves certain risks. I/we assume full responsibility for these conditions and assume the risks. I/we waive notice from EAI that specifically outlines these dangerous conditions and risks.

3) I/we consent to all videotaping and photographing of the minor while participating in EAI programs and activities. I/we agree that EAI can use these images at any time and in any manner without payment and without approval.

4) Cancellation / Refund: Before the Session begins, I/we acknowledge there will be a $XX (**see note below) administration fee applied to a cancellation request and subsequent refund. I/we acknowledge the Registration Fee is 100% non-refundable once the Session begins.

5) Missed Training Sessions: I/we acknowledge missed training sessions will not be made up at a later date.

6) I/we consent to receiving communications either by phone, mail, and/or email about the Session for which I'm registering.

**Note pertaining to the administration fee associated with the Cancellation / Refund policy: The administration fee varies based on the program in which the athlete is being registered. Consequently, a specific administration fee will appear at Step 4 (i.e. on the disclaimer page) of the registration process for each individual program.